Newspaper: Newsday Section A
Date: June 29, 2005
Page#: Page 20
Photo: Enrico Mathews

PRESIDENT HOLDS A BIRD: The President and the Birdie:
Calypso King of World the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco),
embraces President George Maxwell Richards, during his
courtesy call on the Head of State yesterday.
Sparrow will celebrate his 70th birthday with a bash carded for next weekend.

Sparrow - '3 Score and More'

CALYPSO KING OF THE WORLD, the Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) who will be 70 years on July 9th, made it clear yesterday that he is going to prove the bible wrong.

He was referring to the biblical saying that man lives for three scores and ten years.

He plans to be around for "three score and many more."

According to Sparrow, "if feeling good is an indication of how long one is going to live, then I will be here for a while."

A dapper looking Sparrow made the comment following a courtesy call on President Max Richards who congratulated the Birdie on achieving 50 years in the entertainment business and on his upcoming 70th birthday as well.

The president lauded Sparrow as the world's best calypsonian and referred to his achievement as being the only calypsonian to date to receive an honorary Doctor of Letters degree from the University of the West Indies (UWI).

Sparrow received the honour in 1987 when President Richards was the Principal of the institution.

President Richards expressed the view that the Birdie's calypsoes were still relevant, and significant achievements in his life, Sparrow said he has learnt to be a very loving and caring person."

Sparrow has won the National Monarch and Road March titles eight times, feats not matched by any other calypsonian.

He also achieved the unique double of winning the Monarch and Road March titles in the same year three times - 1956, 1960, and 1972 - a feat still to be matched.

he will perform in four shows from July, to celebrate his 70th birthday.