Newspaper: Guardian
Date: Monday, April 16, 2007
Page#: G-Life 39
News Reporter: Zen Dionne Jarrette

Sparrow rocks De Nu Pub.

The man who needs no introduction introduced himself at De Nu Pub (Mas Camp Pub) last Wednesday no doubt thinking that the introduction by show host Jennly was too brief.

Sparrow in Concert was kicked off by Conqueror and The Mighty Power before The Birdie himself took the stage.

Power had the audience in the palm of his hand for his performance, especially when he sang the rowdy Ah Coming – the entire audience singing the refrain with all that they could muster for that one.
The crowd was equally as vociferous when he performed Culture, a song whose message is relevant now more than ever.

Singing Sinatra’s immortal May Way, Sparrow came on dressed in silver to a standing-room-only house, filled with fellow kaisonians.

The band (Cummings & D’Wailers), as it was explained, was unrehearsed, and this seemed to slow the pace of the show somewhat, but patrons still were enthralled by the music.

Birdie’s antics, rephrasing of classic songs, and audience interaction made all the old songs, and the audience interaction made all the old songs seem new, and event those who sang along word for word acted like they heard the song for the first time.

During Drunk and Disorderly, Brother Resistance couldn’t help but dance and sing along, and events specialist Terry Joseph rose to the stage to give Sparrow a beer and the Birdie raised a toast to the barman.

“You are a scholar and a gentleman,” Sparrow said in acceptance.

Brother Valentino, Kenny J, Brigo, and Crazy were just some of the fellow artistes who stood in the wings just to watch the mighty man do his thing.

Cro Cro, originally slated to end the show’s opening stanza, closed off the show with his usual fiery stance.

Continuously decrying his detractors, he performed songs like They can’t Beat Me In Kaiso, and the controversial Dimanche Gras winner Nobody Ain’t Go Know.

He threw scorn on those opposed to him throughout the entire set and danced all over the stage in a seemingly mischievous mood.

Constantly referring to “Aloes and Dem,” he said that it was easy to compose a kaiso and that those who were against him were simple “chupid.”

Live calypso action continues at De Nu Pub on Wednesday evening when the birthday of late calypso grandmaster is celebrated in fine style as calypsonians perform some of his well loved classics.

Billed as a tribute to Kitchener, the three-hour production, put together by Roderick Ward, will feature 2006 National Calypso Monarch Luta, Relator, Pink Panther and Regeneration Now. Musical Accompaniment will be by Cummings & The Wailers.