Newspaper: Guardian
Date: Saturday, February 10, 2007
Page#: G-Life 9
News Reporter: G Angel

Sparrow weaves magical music web.

When we think he has reached his peak, the Mighty Sparrow weaves yet another web of musical magic to captivate his fans.

It’s not really what he does, but more so how he does it. This time it’s with the release of two CDs comprising a compilation of some of his numerous hits over the years.

The two albums are entitled Las’ Lap Jump Up and The Mighty Sparrow Live On Stage, and include some of his more popular songs (and some of my favourites) such as Tanty’s Secret, Both ‘O Dem, Soca Pressure, Shake For Carnival, A Bag O’ Sugar Down Dey, May May, Dan Is De Man, Federation and Obeah Wedding.

To the cool yet spicy musical beat we have come to know as Sparrow’s, he chirps (with his rude mouth and bacchanal voice) the vivid tales of the wine, jam, bump and jump party hearty spirit of Carnival; The secret of Miss Jacob’s ability to capture any male; His refusal to continue to protect his vagabond son from the police; The Carnival fete in St Ann’s in which patrons took their dance instructions from a mad man; The advice he took from Lord Kitchener to have simultaneous covert relationships with two sisters; The pressure he put on younger calypsonians who dared to challenged him because he was older than they were; the whereabouts and actions of Miss Mary-Ann, What happened on the last train to San Fernando; The power of obeah; What attracts him to a woman with a gap between her two front teeth, and so many more.

Whether recorded live or in studio, Sparrow’s music just seems to be getting better with age. I guess we will have to wait to see if the Birdie can top this.