Recognise Sparrow

... there is a 71 year old Grenadian born, Trinidadian raised and USA adopted gentle giant, known adorably to many as Mr. Slinger Francisco, who is eminently qualified and need not be overlooked any longer for similar (or greater recognition than Bob Marley) - in a city he evidently loves dearly, and one throughout which, he has truly and passionately walked the walk.

He is a longtime resident of New York City; a man who walks and drives along the streets of Brooklyn on a daily basis to go to and from his recording studios; a man who has performed (at the highest level) at each level and at every borough of this great city for the past 51 years; a man who has performed at all major and exclusive American clubs and venues throughout New York City (inclusive of Lincoln Center, the Blue Note, the Hilton Hotel, the Marriott hotel, the Hemlsley Palace, the Grand Hyatt, S.O.B.'s,Brooklyn Academy of Music, Hotel St. George, to name a few).

And further, he is a man who has performed at each and every college and university auditorium in New York City; a man who walks the length and breadth of Eastern Parkway in each and every Labor Day Parade in Brooklyn; a man who has entertained Caribbean folks (and friends of the Caribbean) at Wingate High School (every summer) for the past 30 consecutive years; a man who has produced just under 50 CDs that have chronicled every major occurrence that has taken place in the Caribbean and the rest of the world, in more than six different languages.

Indeed, His Excellency still humbly and actively wears the following all-inclusive, colorfully multi-faceted proverbial hats (at least alphabetically, if not quite in this order of precedence): actor, comedian, counselor, director, linguist, matchmaker, messenger, musician, orator, performer, poet, politician, preacher, producer, professor, prophet, singer and writer.

Ladies and gentlemen, where the air is rare, only ONE calypsonian has gotten there. He is also known as the Bird: the true bird with the Word. This born-Grenadian official envoy, nurtured in Hummingbird Land from a baby boy, with lyrics and genre of spice, and diversified kaiso superlatively nice. With genuine pride and pleasure, and the utmost honor, I hereby introduce the one and only supreme serenader.

In the mother Continent, throughout vast Nigeria, he is known as Chief omowale of Ikoyi. We know him the world over, as none other than His Excellency, Dr. Slinger Francisco, D.Litt, H.B.M., C.M.G., O.C.C., (a.k.a. the Mighty Sparrow).