Newspaper: Newsday Section B
January 31, 2005
Page#: Page 27

Sparrow Signs Major Karaoke Deal

History was made recently when the Caribbean's first karaoke production company, IslandStars Entertainment signed its first major production and distribution deal with Internationally acclaimed Calypso King of The World the Mighty Sparrow (Dr. Slinger Francisco).

This is the first time the works of a major calypso artiste will be produced and distributed for the worldwide karaoke industry.

The initial production will consist of nine songs, and have a "with vocals" and "without vocals" version. Some of the songs on the disk will include timeless favorites like "Mae Mae", "Congo Man", "De Lizard", "Jean And Dinah" and " Mr. Benwood Dick".

According to Allison Demas, Chief Executive Officer, Copyright Organization of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT): "COTT is very pleased to note that Peter Louis, one of our first licensed karaoke operations has concluded an agreement with one of COTT's outstanding members, Dr. Slinger Francisco, The Mighty Sparrow. We also wish to encourage all of our members to explore this new avenue of royalty collection which has been endorsed by COTT."

At the signing, Peter Louis, Director, IslandStars Entertainment, remarked: "During the past years we have invested a lot of work to get to where we are now. This is only the beginning. Karaoke can provide a fresh new life for or local artistes and afford them a sense of immortality the they so desperately deserve. In this form it now truly becomes "we music."

Sparrow will be IslandStars first official release of a massive arsenal of Caribbean Stars whose genres range from Soca, Reggae, Chutney , Calypso, dancehall, Rapso, Caribbean, Rock and Parang."

 IslandStars has already produced karaoke formats of other artistes works from a host of other genres of Caribbean music including "Destra," "Xtatik," "Adesh Samaroo," "Elephant Man," "Scrunter," and "Tanya Stevens." These productions will be available shortly.