Newspaper: Express
Date: Thursday February 1, 2007
Page#:Lifestyle 42
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Sparrow brings back 'happy days'

Hundreds of children and staff of Dunross Preparatory School in Westmoorings were expected to welcome The Mighty Sparrow, The Calypso King of the World, to headline its annual Carnival Jump-up event on Carnival Friday. Sparrow performed from his vast repertoire of hits some child-friendly tunes, and he received a rousing reception from the kids and Dunross’s teachers, staff and parents.

Sparrow’s show at Dunross, the first in a series of planned visits and performances at schools in neighbourhoods in the West – Diego Martin, Carenage, Westmoorings – is an initiative of Stephen Aboud, the managing director and founder of Pharmaco Industries Ltd. of Woodbrook, who believes passionately in the culture of the country, especially cultural history for the development of our younger citizens. Aboud stated that “it is of vital importance that young children of T&T have the opportunity to see and hear ‘The King’ up close and personal, so that they can fully appreciate what can be achieved through hard work, commitment, education and their own God –given talents.”

In December 1995 Aboud’s company partnered with the Mighty Sparrow to promote a programme of diabetes awareness and education through the marketing of Pharmaco’s “easi-check” blood glucose monitoring system, the first brand from the Caribbean to receive US FDA approval. Sparrow has been featured throughout the Caribbean on posters, billboards, and on the radio urging people living with the disease to “Show Diabetes That You’re Still The Boss!” - the title of a calypso jingle Sparrow recorded supporting the brand.

Any schools interested in organizing a visit and performance by The Mighty Sparrow should contact Pharmaco at 625-6967 for more information.