Date: September 15, 2004
News Editor: Directors of the MSCF (Mighty Sparrow Calypso Foundation)

The Mighty Sparrow Calypso Foundation

THE MIGHTY SPARROW CALYPSO FOUNDATION, has decided to donate at least 10,000 gospelypso CD's called REDEMPTION.

1. He Saved Me 2.Tell St. Peter I'll Be There
3. I Used To Be A Sinner 4. Rejoice In His Name
5. Traitor Among Us 6. Miracles Of Jesus
7. Do You Believe 8. Nebukanezza
9. His Holy Name 10. Temptation Of Christ
11. Isaac And Ishmael 12. Wisdom Of Christ
13.Salvaton (all original gospelypso by the Mighty Sparrow)

These CD's can be bought at $20.00 US each plus shipping and handling. The profits of the said CD would go directly to the Grenada Disaster Relief Fund headed by the Ambassador Dr. Stanisclaus in New York.

The website has been prematurely launched to avail you of the gospelypso CD by Mighty Sparrow called Redemption. This is for a worthy cause so please support it.

Form of payment:


We are not ready for credit card activities. All money orders must be made out to the Mighty Sparrow Calypso Foundation and sent to:

88 - 15 - 168th Street
Suite 6U Jamaica
New York 11432

Along with your name, address and order printed clearly. Your order will be shipped to you as soon as possible.

Thanks in advance for your contribution.

For further information please call 1 212 599 0301 or fax 1 212 599 1540.