Newspaper: Guardian
Date: Saturday, March 11, 2006
Page#: G-Life, Page 36
News Reporter: Mr. Muzik

Sparrow still on top with new DVD set

What mountain is there to climb for a calypso stalwart who has been at the mountain top for some 50 years?
Really, there is nothing more Calypso King of the World, Mighty Sparrow (Slinger Francisco) has to prove.

He has climbed every mountain, and taken on, an overcome, every calypso challenge thrown at him with equal enthusiasm.

His legend series (collector's edition featuring Sparrow in Concert) is a special DVD disc set of three. Called The Legends series, each package contains a bonus CD and three hours of Sparrow.

It is a collection well worth having. Disc 2 has "The Bird" in full flight with such classics as Slave, Education, Dan is the Man, Children Stories, Federation, Good Citizen, I owe no apology and Man Will Survive.

Disc 3 of The Legends Series Vol l is hotter than congo pepper. This one is more upbeat with Margarita, Marajin, Doh Back Back, Miss Mary, Jane, Royal Jail, Benwood Dick, Sa Sa Yea, Only A Fool, Jean and Dinah, El Reloj, Lizard, Obeah Wedding and Ten To One.

The thing about Sparrow's music is that you'll never get tired hearing the all time favourites. If you are really a true blue calypso fan, go out and get the legend series DVDs (with bonus CDs). It's available in at all record shops.