Newspaper: Sunday Express
Date: July 4th 2004
News Editor:

Sparrow Celebrates 50 Years in Show Business

Is the "Queen's Hall big enough? The answer is no, but for sure it's the most appropriate venue for a King embarking on a double celebration.

On July 16th and 17th the undisputed Calypso King of the world, The Mighty Sparrow celebrates 50 years in show business and 69 years "young", in an event dubbed:

"The King at Queens Hall". And what a celebration it's going to be.

Very few persons can boast of fifty years in a field of endeavor.

Celebrating with the King are two top Queens of calypso, Singing Sandra and Denyse Plummer.

What can you say about the man who has done it all.

Slinger Francisco, The Mighty Sparrow, The Birdie, Dr. Bird, call him what you will, the names add up to one thing - excellence in the field of calypso.

In the entertainment world, there are few who claim to have mastered every aspect of the genre they practice. Sparrow is one of those.

When you look at social commentary there is the evergreen Slave for example. For humor there are a few calypsos to match Lying Excuses, while Doctor Say and We Like It So showcase political commentary at its best. When it comes to double etendre Elaine and Harry shows a master at work. Even when it comes to smut, who can forget Steering Wheel.

No doubt about it, in every aspect of calypso King Sparrow is the man to beat. Just how competitive he is, can be seen by the atmosphere that surrounds every competition in which he takes part. When the Birdie is competing, every calypsonian ups his performance by a few notches, knowing that nothing but the best can beat the best.

There are few who command the stage like Birdie. In later years he has seemed to find the large Savannah area a bit too much to handle but on a smaller stage he is a killer.

While some singer depend on a lot of jumping around in order to hold the audience's attention. Sparrow is the master of the subtle gesture. With just raising of the eyebrows he can convey the sense of a whole line, while a smile at the right time tells the whole story of a verse.

When it comes to showmanship, too, there are few to match the King. At age 68, he remains an energetic and enthusiastic dancer, flanked usually by gyrating girls. When he did Both Ah Dem a few years ago he received criticism, including some in song from Ras Shorty I.

His response the next year was to come with the song The More The Merrier, in which with the typical Sparrow braggadocio he announced his willingness to take on any number of "comers"

A measure of the man's impact on the calypso scene is the fact that, at age 68, he has made an indelible impression on five decades, winning at least one title in each of the decades starting with the 50's.

Throughout the years he managed to showcase his diversity each year with the release of at least one album. King Sparrow has proved himself as the quintessential calypsonian with over one hundred awards and citations from the world over.

A man for all seasons, that the Mighty Sparrow.

For more information on the The King at Queen's Hall, you can call: Spektakula Promotions at: 628-8700