Newspaper: Newsday
Date: July 13, 2004
Page#: 6
News Editor:

PoS Mayor Murchison Brown
presents the proclamation declaring July 11-17, 2004,
"Mighty Sparrow Week"
PHOTO by Azlan Mohammed

Mayor Brown Declares "Mighty Sparrow Week"

DRESSED in an olive green double-breasted suit, red shirt and suspenders, a clean shaven and plump Sparrow (Slinger Francisco), patiently sat and listened to Mayor of Port of Spain, Murchison Brown, as he read a proclamation stating that July 11-17has been declared "Mighty Sparrow Week."

This is in celebration of Sparrow's 50th Anniversary as a calypsonian and also his 70th birthday which he celebrated last week.

In accepting the proclamation presented to him by the Mayor, Sparrow was very thankful. He jokingly claimed he was not really a public orator of excellence but "this gesture is exceptionally great. It does not happen very often and at this particular age, you learn to appreciate things even more. This is indeed something I would cherish for a long time," said Sparrow.

Sparrow was then toasted in the presence of Laraine Alexander, Ag Chief Executive Officer at the Mayor's Office, followed by the singing of "Happy Birthday."

Known as the Calypso King of the World, Sparrow the quipped, "May you live as long as you want to...May you want to, as long as you live."