Newspaper: Express
Date: Friday, January 10, 2003
Page#: Page 3
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CALYPSO KING The Mighty Sparrow. right, has fun with Machel
at the Ed Gordon Recording Studio. Port of Spain, yesterday. Photo: JERMAINE CRUICKSHANK

Machel to sing with Sparrow

MACHEL MONTANO was hard at work in his Ed Gordon Recording Studio yeswrday as he laid down vocals with his latest collaborator, non-other than Slinger Francisco, "The Mighty Sparrow".

Montano aIId Sparrow will combine their musical talents for a track called "Slinger Come", which rides the Collector's Riddum. Sparrow, who rushed back to New York today to complete recordings for his upcoming gospel CD project, was in high spirits at the studio as he and Montano worked on their lyrics and prepared to record their vocals. He said:

"Well, everything going smooth right now. I'm working on my gospel album, which should be released in time for Carnival and I just come in to put doen something for this project here now."

Obviously excited about working with Sparrow, Montano said: "Slinger Come" is the name of the track, so basically we have The Doctor of the Culture coming to heal the nation again.

"This tune is just pure, positive lyrics; it's very musical, very happy and upbeat, so we are looking forward to its completion."

Commenting on the music piracy issue, Montano said:

"Originally, all the songs on the rid- dum were scheduled to be compiled and released together on one CD, but somehow the riddum already reach on the streets and we thought it would be unfair to release the CD. We de- cided to just incorporate some of the tracks on the upcoming Xtatik double-CD."